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Smart Keys

Smart Keys

One of the many things I love about BlackBerry is Smart Keys / Application Shortcuts.
These can be enabled by changing ‘dial from home screen’ to ‘off’ (OS 4.5 – 5.0) in the. options from the call screen.
The keyboard will now work as shortcuts for applications. To make a. call simply push the green phone button to enter the call screen.

Here are SmartKeys::
U – calcUlator
O – Options
A – Address book
S – Search
D – notepaD
L – caLendar
X – windows live messenger
C – compose
B – browser
N – bb messeNger
M – Messages

This allows you to move quickly between programs without having to search for icons & is one of my favorite tricks for my BlackBerry !

BlackBerry Guru ^P* 


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